AEW’s plans as they relate to PPV events are starting to come into focus as the company moves closer to their second PPV show, All Out, at the end of this month.

According to a report in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, AEW has plans to present one more PPV event in 2019 following All Out. At this point, the date and name for that show are not yet known.

AEW’s first PPV event, Double Or Nothing, was held in May during Memorial Day weekend. They followed that up with two shows, Fyter Fest and Fight For The Fallen, which were presented free of charge. All Out at the end of this month will once again be a PPV show, the company’s second.

The Observer report notes that AEW plans to present four PPV shows in 2020, which means presenting three this year is roughly on par with how the shows will be spaced out next year. The company was not active in the first quarter of 2019, hence one fewer PPV show this year.

In essence, the schedule will likely shake out this way:


  • Quarter 1, 2019: No Show (Company Not Yet Active)
  • Quarter 2, 2019: Double Or Nothing
  • Quarter 3, 2019: All Out
  • Quarter 4, 2019: PPV Scheduled, Name Not Yet Revealed


  • Quarter 1, 2020: PPV Scheduled, Name Not Yet Revealed
  • Quarter 2, 2020: PPV Scheduled, Name Not Yet Revealed
  • Quarter 3, 2020: PPV Scheduled, Name Not Yet Revealed
  • Quarter 4: 2020: PPV Scheduled, Name Not Yet Revealed

It will be interesting to see if the company sticks with some of the same PPV names when we get to 2020 (ie: Q2 show being titled Double Or Nothing II) or simply presents new PPV names each time out.

There’s also news as it relates to AEW’s relationship with TNT. AEW will debut their Wednesday night, two hour live weekly broadcast on October 2nd in Washington, D.C. However, that won’t be the first time that AEW content is shown on the network.

The Observer reports that plans are in place for TNT to air some television specials featuring AEW footage prior to the October 2nd premiere date in order to introduce the product to some new eyes and increase the hype and excitement for their first live show. Expect an announcement on this very soon.


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