Super Dragon Ball Heroes‘ promotional anime series has been given a lot of leeway with fans since it takes place outside of the series’ main canon and adapts a story from the digital arcade game in Japan. This game franchise has tons of original characters and stories that have never made their way to the official canon, so no one really batted an eye when the latest episode of this series featured a major tag team between Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta, Jiren, and Hit in order to save the multiverse from a powerful new foe.

But this reunion with Jiren has raised some major questions as Episode 19 of the series seems to have made a major mistake as to when it actually takes place in accordance to the rest of the franchise. In fact, Goku and Vegeta seemed to have forgotten that they didn’t know the Fusion Dance until long after they fought Jiren.

As the Universal Conflict arc came to an end and Jiren and Hit prepared to return to their home universes, fans see Jiren’s reaction to Goku and Vegeta’s Gogeta fusion. But he asks why they didn’t use this technique during the Tournament of Power, and Goku and Vegeta have a curious response. Rather than say it’s something they learned after their meeting, Vegeta instead responds that it’s because he doesn’t want to fuse with Goku.

Goku follows this up even more strangely with the fact that he’d rather handle it alone next time too. This response falls in line with their prideful ways that they have been depicted in the series before, but it also doesn’t make a lot of sense. They didn’t learn the Fusion Dance until their fight with Broly in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, and even if they did know it, their universe being in danger of erasure wasn’t enough to push them to do so?

They worked together begrudgingly during the Tournament of Power, so wouldn’t it have been a good idea to use it then? This is most likely an error made that won’t have any larger ramifications much like the rest of the promotional anime series, but it’s still strange to see Goku and Vegeta refuse to admit that they simply didn’t know the Fusion Dance.

But what do you think of this error? Does this change your opinion about the Universal Conflict arc finale at all or does it not matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!

If you wanted to check it out for yourself, Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 19 is currently live and is titled “A Perfect Conclusion! The Outcome of the Universal Conflict!” It’s described as such, “Hearts attacks, Gogeta intercepts! What will be the fate of the universe after this fierce fight ends!? ‘The Universal Conflict’ has finally ended!”

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